Balloon Sinuplasty FAQs

Balloon Sinuplasty FAQs

Balloon Sinuplasty FAQs
Your Sinuplasty Questions Answered
Sinusitis is a medical condition that affects about 11% of people and is marked by nasal inflammation, postnasal discharge, congestion, and difficulty breathing. Frequently, this condition is caused or accompanied by blocked nasal passages. Sinusitis and its accompanying symptoms can be extremely detrimental to quality of life and living with it can be very fatiguing. Many people looking for nasal congestion relief in Los Angeles are unaware of potential treatment options for this condition. If you are looking for sinusitis treatment in Los Angeles, you are potentially a candidate for a balloon sinuplasty procedure Los Angeles can be proud of.

What is balloon sinuplasty?
Previously, individuals looking for nasal congestion relief in Los Angeles frequently required an invasive surgical procedure to remedy their sinusitis. Now, medicine has advanced beyond the need for a painful surgery. These days it is easy to obtain the balloon sinuplasty procedure Los Angeles needs to treat its citizens’ sinusitis. A balloon sinuplasty works by expanding the patient’s blocked sinuses with a small balloon. The balloon is inserted up the nose by the doctor and carefully placed in the correct position before being expanded. The balloon remains in the sinus, holding it open to allow air to pass more easily through the nasal passages in order to ease breathing. This procedure is performed by an Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) doctor, a specialist who has additional training on the sinuses and their illnesses. Because of this, balloon sinuplasty is a fast-growing sinusitis treatment in Los Angeles.

How long will it last?
If you’ve been looking for blocked sinus relief in Los Angeles for long enough, you’ve probably heard doctors pitch you surgical plans that require repeated visits. This is because previous treatments required surgical removal of bone or tissue that could regrow or rearrange. However, this would not be the case for a balloon sinuplasty. Because the balloon is left within your nasal passages to keep them open, you do not need to repeat the procedure. The duration of the procedure and the recovery time are also significantly reduced as there is no cutting of tissue involved in balloon sinuplasty — you should be finished with your experience in an hour or so!

Obtaining blocked sinus relief in Los Angeles can seem overwhelming, especially when you are worried about painful surgical treatment or a lifetime of repeated visits. Luckily, you don’t have to live like that anymore. Now, you can find a trustworthy clinic to walk you through the balloon sinuplasty and get you breathing easily again. Contact us for sinus relief in Los Angeles today!