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Stop Chronic Snoring For Good!

In-Office Snoring Solution
Snoring can be a troublesome issue for many patients and their cohabitants. Snoring can also be a symptom of a more serious condition, such as sleep apnea. Various medical and surgical options exist for the effective management of snoring and sleep apnea. For many patients suffering from snoring without underlying sleep apnea, a very effective yet simple procedure is the In-Office Radiofrequency Assisted Uvulectomy. The uvula is a piece of dangling soft tissue that hangs above the back of your tongue. This tissue is a major contributor to the snoring noise due to the vibration created when it comes in contact with the back of the tongue. 

The In-Office Snoring Solution Procedure
Los Angeles Medical Snoring SolutionDuring the procedure, the throat is anesthetized with sprays. The radiofrequency-enabled wand is quickly and gently passed across the uvula to remove the excess tissue

and open up the oral airway. The entire procedure takes less than 20 minutes while sitting comfortably in an exam chair. The non-invasive nature of the surgery ensures that minimal surrounding tissue is disrupted, leaving most patients with minimal discomfort. Normal activity can usually be resumed shortly after the procedure.

Candidates for the In-Office Snoring Solution
The ideal candidate for the in-office snoring solution is one who snores mainly due to their uvula and does not have a poor gag reflex or a history of obstructive sleep apnea. 

  • A common way to determine whether the uvula/palate is the main cause of a patient’s snoring problem is by having him or her imitate the snore while the palate is being examined. This is done by having the patient’s partner accompany him or her to the appointment, and ensure that the imitation of the snore is accurate. While the snoring is being imitated, fiberoptic nasopharyngoscopy is performed. If the uvula and soft palate vibrate during the method, then uvulectomy is a good option for the patient.
  • Another test to determine whether a patient is a good candidate for the in-office snoring solution is sleep endoscopy. This procedure is performed while a patient is sedated and snoring, and the endoscopy is performed by visually confirming that the uvula is the root cause of the snoring. 
  • Another way of determining whether the uvula is the cause of snoring is by checking the size of the uvula/palate. For instance, if the uvula is more than 1.5 cm in length or if the uvula tip ends like a needle or is tapered to a point instead if it being rounded.

If you believe that you are a good candidate for the in-office snoring solution, there is one definitive way to find out, and that is by scheduling a consultation with our team at Westside Sinus. Our team will be able to examine you thoroughly to see if this revolutionary procedure is a good option for you.

Is the Uvula Essential to the Mouth’s Structure?
The uvula does not play an essential role to the mouth’s structure whatsoever. This is why we pride ourselves in this procedure, as it is safe and effective. Once the uvula is removed correctly and conservatively, you will not experience any side effects. However, if too much of the uvula is removed, then patients may experience a sensation of excess phlegm, globus, and dryness. 

In order to avoid these side effects, it is essential that the procedure is performed by a doctor who is experienced in this procedure and removes only a conservative amount of the uvula. Our team at Westside Sinus has successfully performed an abundance of in-office snoring solution procedures. If you would like to learn more or determine whether you are a good candidate, feel free to reach out to our friendly team today.

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