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Allergy Testing Culver City
Have you been suffering from a recurring outbreak of allergies? Perhaps you suffer from the same allergies at a certain time each year and are finally ready to take action to put a stop to your symptoms. If you are tired of dealing with these issues, you can contact us today for state of the art Culver City sinus relief.

Get Results from the Allergy Testing Culver City Citizens Trust
You may have recently developed a brand new allergy caused by an unknown trigger. The resulting symptoms may be more intolerable than anything you have been previously used to. There is no need for you to continue your pain and suffering. When it comes to getting the food allergy testing Culver City residents rely on, your best bet is to visit our center for help. The easiest and most effective way to find the root cause of your symptoms is to take a series of allergy tests that can be given to you by the allergy doctor Culver City citizens trust above all others.

What Are the Different Types of Food Allergy Testing?
There are a number of different types of food allergy tests that your doctor can give you. The most common ones that you will receive are the following:

Skin Prick Test
The most common form of allergy testing will be a simple skin prick test. This test will be conducted by placing a tiny drop extracted from an allergen onto your skin. The needle will then be inserted in order to prick your skin at a place just under the drop. Doing so will allow a small amount of allergen solution to enter at a point just below the surface of your skin. After an interval of about 15 minutes, your doctor will observe if any swelling, redness, or other abnormal skin activity is present. If there is, they will measure the extent of the abnormality. If it is large enough, this will be considered a positive reaction to the test. At this point, your doctor may be able to decide on a follow up measure known as an intradermal skin test. A bit of intradermal wheal or bleb will be injected at a place directly beneath your top layer of skin. After a wait of 15 minutes, your doctor will observe if any additional reactions can be noted. If any are present, they will note these and classify the test as either a positive or negative result.

Blood Test
Another common type of food allergy test is known as the blood test. This type of test is most often used as a means of measuring just how much of a specific antibody to an allergen, known as immunoglobulin E, is currently present in your blood. The more allergen IgE that is found in your blood, the more likely you will be found to be allergic. This type of allergen-specific blood test is commonly conducted in order to give a conclusive confirmation of the results obtained from a previous skin test. It may also be conducted in place of a skin test if you have a serious allergy that would render a normal skin test particularly hazardous. In many cases, your food allergy can be detected via a quick and simple blood draw. At this point, your doctor may ask you to partake in a strict elimination diet. This is a special regimen that eliminates the suspected cause of your allergy from your diet. This elimination diet will usually last between two to four weeks. Should your symptoms disappear or grow significantly less severe, chances are good that the food you have eliminated from your diet was the cause of your allergy. Your doctor may allow you to eat a bit more of this “forbidden” food in order to verify that this particular food item really was the culprit.

Other Types of Food Allergy Tests
There are a number of other types of food allergy tests that your doctor may decide to give you. These include the skin patch test and the oral food challenge. Both of these tests revolve around the idea of introducing a bit of the suspected cause of your allergy into your bloodstream. The point will be to quickly find and eliminate this cause from your diet.

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When it comes to finding the allergy doctor Culver City residents rely on, we can help you every step of the way. We are here to conduct the allergy testing Culver City citizens can trust for quick results and even faster relief. Schedule an appointment today to get your issues tested and diagnosed. Get in touch with us for Culver City sinus relief.