Latera Implants for Nasal Obstruction in Culver City

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What Is Nasal Obstruction Relief in Culver City?

Latera Implants for Nasal Obstruction in Culver City

Nasal obstruction relief in Culver city can be successfully found in Latera implants. These implants can help with a variety of nasal cavity issues. By supporting both upper and lower lateral cartilage, the nasal wall can easily function. Sinus relief in Culver City is relatively simple with this type of treatment.

Nasal obstruction occurs when there is a blockage of the nasal cavity. This can be caused by a wide range of problems. With the right diagnosis and doctor, it’s easy to find nasal obstruction relief in Culver City.

3 Common Causes of Nasal Obstruction
1.) Deviated nasal septum. The septum is what separates each nostril. When the septum is deviated, there can be a range of symptoms including difficulties with breathing. It’s not uncommon for breathing issues to occur out of only one nostril. This type of nasal obstruction is frequently caused by trauma to the nose.

2.) Inferior turbinate hypertrophy. This type of nasal obstruction occurs on the inside of the nose. Structures called turbinates are covered by pink lining that can become irritated. If the turbinates become swollen, breathing difficulties are frequently reported.

3.) Choanal atresia. This problem can be identified at birth. This condition is when a blockage of the nasal airway is formed by tissue.

Although these are three common nasal obstruction causes, they are not the only ones. To diagnose the cause, a doctor may perform an exam as well as collecting a comprehensive medical history. Nasal exams are frequently performed with lighted scopes and can involve CT scans or MRIs. To obtain Latera implants in Culver City, an exam is necessary.

What Are Latera Implants?
Latera implants are used to support nose cartilage. By reinforcing nose cartilage, nasal airway obstruction symptoms can effectively be reduced for easier breathing. This type of implant is inserted into the nose with a 16-gauge cannula.

For those with nasal valve collapse, Latera implants can make a huge difference in quality of life. Reduced nasal congestion, improved air flow during exercise or exertion and enhanced sleeping are all benefits to using Latera implants when finding nasal obstruction relief in Culver City. Patients report a 57.7% reduction in nasal obstruction symptoms after two years.

Latera implants in Culver City are a safe and effective method of treating symptoms from nasal obstruction. There are no reports of long-term adverse cosmetic changes. The shape and appearance of the nose is virtually the same with Latera implants.


How Do I Know If I Need An Implant?
Breathing trouble can be extremely frightening. While there are many possible causes for this, nasal obstruction is common. Because of nasal blockages, breathing through the nose is especially difficult while breathing through the mouth is unaffected. Nasal obstruction is often diagnosed in a clinical or medical setting. If you suspect you may have nasal obstruction symptoms, finding sinus relief in Culver City is not difficult.

Nasal implants are safely used to help with a variety of symptoms. If you experience nasal congestion or feel as if you consistently have a “stuffy nose”, your nose may have structural issues. Trouble sleeping or breathing while exercising are common complaints of those who suffer from this type of condition. If you experience these problems, treatment does not have to be invasive or time consuming

Implant Treatment
Latera implants will naturally absorb. By using a minimally invasive method, these implants will support the lateral cartilage in the nose. One of the reasons Latera implants are so popular, is because of their ability to absorb for over 18 months. This means that future treatment options are still available if needed.

By inserting a small implant into the nasal sidewall, the polymer material will dissolve naturally over a period of time. The treatment is a quick and effective way to help patients breathe better. Since the treatment is minimally invasive, there is no cosmetic difference to the appearance of the face.

Depending on the doctor, this treatment can be performed in a hospital or office setting. This treatment has frequently been described as a predictable and safe method of nasal care by physicians.

Nasal obstruction can greatly diminish the quality of one’s life. When breathing through the nose becomes difficult, exercise and relatively low physical exertion can seem uncomfortable and overwhelming. There are many different reasons for nasal obstruction symptoms including genetics and environmental issues. To treat poor breathing due to nasal obstruction, Latera implants are a minimally invasive treatment that causes no cosmetic changes. For relatively quick relief from nasal obstruction, Latera implants are frequently recommended.