Benefits of Balloon Sinuplasty Over Endoscopic Sinus Surgeries

Benefits of Balloon Sinuplasty Over Endoscopic Sinus Surgeries

Balloon Sinuplasty is a nasal surgery procedure that is meant to treat any inflammation on the sinus and nose blockages. The balloon catheters that are used to perform this procedure are usually small in size so that they can easily dilate the blood vessels, close to the heart, that are blocked. The other procedure that can be used to treat patients with the condition is the Endoscopic Sinus Surgeries. However, most of the patients in Culver City choose the Balloon Sinuplasty procedure over due to several reasons of their own and also due to the benefits that it has over the Endoscopic Sinuplasty Surgery. The following are some of the benefits of balloon sinuplasty Over traditional Endoscopic Sinus Surgeries in Culver City

1.There is less or no bleeding.
Unlike in Endoscopic Sinus Surgeries, patients who undergo the Balloon Sinuplasty procedure in Culver City have less risks of bleeding. The fact that there is no incision done during this procedure makes it better than Endoscopic Sinus Surgeries where patients lose a lot of blood one the procedure has been carried out on them.

2.Patients recover faster after the balloon sinuplasty treatment Culver City.
The other benefit of the procedure is that the patients recover very fast and are likely to go home the same day when the procedure is carried out. The traditional endoscopic sinus surgeries are a sinusitis treatment in Culver City that requires time for the patient to recover. One of the reasons why patients take time to recover is due to much bleeding.

3.It provides lasting relief to the patients.
The fact that balloon sinuplasty surgery provides blocked sinusitis relief Culver City for a longer time. For this reason, the procedure has become chosen over traditional endoscopic sinus surgeries which does not provide

4.The procedure is safer and more effective.
The other reason why Balloon Sinuplasty is better than the traditional endoscopic sinus surgeries is because the procedure is safer and also effective. The balloon catheters that are used during the procedure are very small and have no incision and hence it cannot harm any tissues. For this reason, this procedure has become the most performed procedures for sinusitis treatment in Culver City.

5.There are no tissue damages.
The other thing is that when performing balloon sinuplasty procedure Culver City, no tissues are touched during the procedure and hence the tissues can never be damaged. However, during the traditional endoscopic sinus surgery, tissues could be damaged.

In conclusion, the above facts has proven the benefits of Balloon Sinuplasty over the Endoscopic Sinus Surgeries for patients looking for blocked sinus relief Culver City.