Deviated Septum: Sinus Problems that Lead to Infection

Deviated Septum: Sinus Problems that Lead to Infection

Adeviated septum is a difficult condition that makes breathing difficult. This condition occurs when septum is not centered or is crooked. Though most people’s nasal septum is not perfectly balanced, others have a significant imbalance causing these breathing difficulties.

There are many symptoms that can make one aware that he or she may be suffering from a deviated septum. As aforementioned, the most common symptom is difficulty breathing with significant congestion. Other signs include chronic sinus infections, nosebleeds, pain, postnasal drip and loud sleeping, including conditions such as sleep apnea.

Sometimes medications work to relieve the symptoms of a deviated symptom, though this is not a permanent fix. There are other more intense treatment procedures that may provide greater relief to a deviated symptom. These include surgeries such as a septoplasty or a septal reconstruction.

There are many options for one to get a septoplasty in Culver City. Westside Sinus offers the procedure of a septoplasty, and has done this procedure many times. It is a minimally invasive procedure that leaves patients able to breathe again the same day.

A septoplasty involves the surgeon creating a small incision in the nose. He or she then removes the extra cartilage and bone that is causing the deviated septum. It is a very quick procedure that is done in an outpatient setting.

Recovery for a septoplasty can take up to seventy-two hours. Normal activities are able to be resumed within three to seven days. This is a procedure that is covered by most insurance plans as well.

After the septoplasty, a patient may be searching for someone to provide septal reconstruction in Culver City or to provide nasal septum reconstruction in Culver City. Thankfully, for these patients, Westside Sinus offers reconstructive services if necessary as well. This is a rare procedure that needs to be completed as most of the time there is no damage done to the cosmetics of the nasal area. If this is necessary, the cosmetic enhancements will be completed at the same time as the septoplasty.

Every patient deserves relief from sinus problems that may be caused by a deviated septum. Patients can find sinus relief in Culver City at Westside Sinus. Patients can breathe again quickly through the procedures they offer for deviated septum relief.