How do you soothe an irritated nose?

How do you soothe an irritated nose?

How do you soothe an irritated nose?

What is Sinusitis?
The sinuses are hollow spaces in the bones around your nose that help alleviate pressure and produce mucus that drains into and out of the nose. However, if these get inflamed or congested by an infection or allergies, they will not drain properly, causing mucus buildup and discomfort. In the majority of other common cases there are many home remedies and best practices that can help manage the symptoms on your own and serve as an effective and independent irritated nasal passages treatment. These include but are not limited to the following:
Water & Warmth
In sickness and in health, water is life-saving and life-giving. When suffering from sinusitis, humidity helps keep tissue and skin moisturized and hydrated, while helping dislodge packed-in mucus to blow it out. Furthermore, hot beverages like tea and hot food items like soup help provide moisturizing steam that thins out lodged-in mucus. Chicken soup in particular, apart from being good for the soul, is great for the sinuses as well.

Flushing the sinuses by dripping a saline solution in one nostril while your head is tilted back so that it leaves out the other is also great in removing mucus buildup so that you will can reduce the trauma to your nose by not having to blow it as often or as aggressively. However, it is extremely important to keep this solution clean in order to reduce the chance of infection, as bacteria can grow in the solution.

Medications, particularly prescriptions but even over-the-counter decongestants, should always be discussed with a healthcare professional to make sure there are no adverse reactions or allergies to be aware of.

Patting vs. Rubbing
The act of constantly rubbing and blowing your nose is traumatic. As a result, patting the nose dry as opposed to vigorous rubbing can reduce needless friction and hence trauma.

Product Prudence
The tissue used to clean your nose should be carefully chosen in case it may have harmful irritants or otherwise be harsh on your nose and skin. Along with water, moisturizing with creams can also help, though be mindful of its ingredients as you would with tissues and wipes.

Where We Can Help
While all these remedies can help manage the usual symptoms of sinusitis, it is true that where there are unusual and unusually troublesome symptoms there may be more at play than what meets the eye. As a result, here at Westside Sinus, we can offer irritated sinus treatment in Los Angeles, nasal irritation relief in Los Angeles, and sinus irritation relief in Los Angeles for more severe cases or structural anomalies that may require surgery or more intensive professional care. We work with licensed healthcare professionals to ensure you can reliably get the specific treatments and follow ups you need for optimal function. We also are happy to provide information and advice even when surgery or any more invasive or serious treatment is not directly or immediately needed. For irritated sinus treatment in Los Angeles, nasal irritation relief in Los Angeles, irritated nasal passages treatment, and sinus irritation relief in Los Angeles, feel free to contact us at any time!