Tips to Prevent and Quiet Snoring

Tips to Prevent and Quiet Snoring

Tips to Prevent and Quiet Snoring

Chronic snoring can interfere with your relationships and make you self-conscious about sleeping over at other places. You may not know yet, but you have a choice when it comes to dealing with snoring. You can stop chronic snoring when you have the right tactics on your side.

Determining Causes Based On Your Lifestyle
To stop chronic snoring you’ll first want to discuss your lifestyle habits with your doctor. They may be able to recommend various lifestyle changes that can eliminate your snoring for good. Some common changes that are recommended include:

  • Losing Weight If You’re Obese
  • Treating Nasal Congestion
  • Getting More Sleep To Avoid Sleep Deprivation
  • Avoiding Alcohol Use In The Evening Hours
  • Not Sleeping On Your Back

Snoring And OSA
One of the biggest causes of snoring is OSA. This is known medically as obstructive sleep apnea. To treat the snoring caused by this condition, your doctor may recommend different solutions. Let’s take a look at what these are so you’re more knowledgeable about them.

Oral Appliances
The first medical snoring solution in Los Angeles is known as an oral appliance. These tend to come in the form of dental mouthpieces that work to keep your airway open during sleep. When you seek the help of a dental specialist, they can construct a fitting that is customized to your body so that it works effectively. Once fitted, you’ll need to go back annually to have it re-fitted.

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure
This treatment to stop snoring is commonly called CPAP. This medical snoring solution in Los Angeles consists of a mask that is worn during sleep. The mask is attached to a pressurized air pump beside your bed. This works to keep your airway open during sleep, which works to eliminate snoring.

A Look At Home Remedies
Sometimes you’re not just ready to speak with a doctor about your snoring issue. That’s quite alright as there are many home remedies that our sinus doctor in Los Angeles can recommend. When you want to know how to stop snoring for good, you’ll start to realize that the solution is a little different for everyone. Therefore, you should try out different home remedies below to determine which one is best for you.

Different Sleep Positions
A great natural treatment to stop snoring is simply change up how you sleep. You want to try sleeping on your side. This helps to keep your tongue from obstructing your airway due to gravity. If you need to, put pillows on either side of your body to keep you on your side throughout the night. Also, consider raising the head of your bed. As little as four inches can make a world of difference in your snoring levels.

Try Nasal Strips
Sometimes snoring is caused by nasal airway obstruction. Therefore, using nasal strips can help to prevent the obstruction. These are simply adhesive strips that are applied to the bridge of your nose and widen your nasal passages. You can talk to our local sinus doctor in Los Angeles about how to obtain these strips and how to stop snoring for good.