Treatment Options for Sinus Polyps

Treatment Options for Sinus Polyps

Some of the bones in your skull have open areas called sinus cavities. The cavities around your nose have openings into the nose and produce mucus that drains into the nasal passages to provide lubrication and to trap any dust, bacteria, or other debris as you inhale. When the linings of a sinus become inflamed, or there is something blocking the mucus from draining properly, you will experience sinus pressure and pain. When the pain is severe or lasts more than a week, you should seek out a sinus doctor in Los Angeles.

Diagnosing the Problem
The doctor will use an endoscope to see into your nasal passages and sinus cavities. This is a small, flexible tube with a light, and possibly a camera. As the endoscope moves through the passages, the doctor can see if the problem is an inflammation of the linings of the sinus cavity or if there is a blockage.

Bacteria, allergens, or other irritants may cause inflammation. Anti-inflammatory medications, antihistamines, and/or antibiotics will be prescribed to treat the problem and provide you with pain relief. A blockage could be due to small, non-cancerous growths called polyps. The size and location of the polyps determine the best treatment for sinus pressure relief Los Angeles.

Treating Sinus Polyps
Nasal spray medications are used to reduce inflammation and the size of the polyps. As long as the spray can reach the polyps it can be successful and may even eliminate the polyp completely. There are also injectable medications that can be used when the polyps are too deep for the spray or if the spray does not reduce the size. In addition to medications to resolve the polyps your doctor will provide you with medication pain relief, so you do not suffer.

If medications do not reduce or eliminate the polyps, surgery may be required. Sinus surgery in Los Angeles is done with the endoscope and tiny surgical tools. The polyps will be removed as well as any mucus or debris that may be blocking the sinuses from draining properly. Quite often, the passageways that allow the drainage will be slightly enlarged. This will allow for better drainage in the future.

You should not suffer with sinus headaches or continue to take a lot of over-the-counter medications. Ask your primary care physician for a referral to doctors who specialize in sinus relief in Los Angeles. The specialist can diagnose and resolve the cause of your pain and teach you ways to prevent it from coming back.