What Are Sinus Stents Used For?

What Are Sinus Stents Used For?

What Are Sinuses?
The sinuses are empty spaces inside the bones of the nose and head that relieve pressure on the skull and brain and allow for normal drainage of mucus. A very common illness that affects them is known as sinusitis, a swelling of their internal membrane lining due to an infection. Along with runny nose and fever, sinusitis can lead to blockage that may prevent proper drainage and cause pressure to build up in the head, resulting in pain and other unsavory symptoms.

What Are Stents?
As part of the treatment of this and other related illnesses, stents, which are objects, usually made of metal or plastic, that are used to keep the body’s natural passageways open as they heal, can be used. Sinus stents specifically keep the sinuses open during the healing process that follows the usual course of sinusitis symptoms, allowing for proper drainage and relieving the buildup pressure, while preventing the narrowing of the openings that usually results from scar tissue that forms as a sort of unfortunate side effect as part of the healing process. It is worth noting that sinus stents are not always medically necessary, but can be if the usual medical treatments do not quite do the trick. Of course, a professional diagnosis and approval from a licensed physician is an absolute must beforehand. The actual surgery to insert the sinus stents into the sinuses is relatively minimally invasive due to the close proximity of the sinuses to the surface of the face. Additionally, the particular material of the propel sinus stents for nasal relief is soluble and coated with anti-inflammatory and other drugs, so that the risks of post-surgical care and the stent remaining in the sinus are essentially eliminated or greatly reduced, while the delivery of the necessary treatment is direct, low-maintenance, and self-limiting. Any allergies or other concurrent illness should be used to determine the appropriateness of the sinus stent.

Potential Risks
Though patient tolerance and outcome are usually positive, some risks do exist which include migration of the stent to the wrong sinus as well as need for suction to keep the sinuses open, which may require additional care. This may occur if the stent is left in place for a longer period that extends beyond the usual 3 months as may be required in some cases.

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