What Happens When You Sneeze After Sinus Surgery?

What Happens When You Sneeze After Sinus Surgery?

What Happens When You Sneeze After Sinus Surgery?

Some people may need sinus surgery in Los Angeles because they have a medical condition, such as a nose polyp or deviated septum. Other people may be looking for a sinus doctor in Los Angeles to relieve chronic sinus pain and pressure. Finally, a few more patients may be looking to enhance their profiles by having sinus surgery and rhinoplasty. Whatever your reasons, there is a good chance that you have legitimate concerns regarding your sinus surgery and post-operative care.

One of the biggest concerns you might have is with sneezing after surgery. You have a lot of swelling of sinus tissues after surgery, and there may be concerns that sneezing could damage your newly repaired or newly fashioned nose. Here are some things to know about post-operative care for your sinuses and sneezing.

When the Surgery Is for Sinus Relief in Los Angeles
Sneezing creates an enormous amount of pressure within one’s head and sinus cavities. When you have surgery for sinus pressure relief Los Angeles patients have good cause to be concerned. However, if you know how to sneeze in a manner that will help your post-op nose, it will not be as bad as you think.

The key thing to do is to sneeze with an open mouth. While this may be contrary to what you are used to doing and contrary to polite society, it is necessary during the first week to sneeze this way until the stitches in your nose have healed. Expect that there may be some blood seeping from your nose after an open-mouthed sneeze, but it will be far less than attempting to sneeze through a closed mouth and through the nose. NEVER try to hold back a sneeze, especially after surgery!

When the Surgery Is for Correcting Malformations of the Sinus Tissue
Sometimes a deviated septum or other malformations of sinus tissue can cause a lot of sinus pain, pressure, and infections. When you have sinus surgery in Los Angeles for these malformations, you should experience a significant number of changes in the way you breathe, smell, and feel after post-op swelling goes down. If you have to sneeze during this time, you can do as instructed above. Your doctor may also prescribe an allergy medication to prevent sneezing.

Other Things a Sinus Doctor in Los Angeles Might Suggest

Sinus surgery aftercare recommendations from your surgery for rhinoplasty or sinus relief in Los Angeles might include packing your nose with surgical gauze. This will absorb a lot of the blood that tends to leak out after surgery until the wounds inside your nose can clot and heal. It also helps block the nose from coming into contact with allergens that can cause you to sneeze.

In cases where expensive rhinoplasty or nasal reconstruction have been completed, you will want to take as many precautions as possible with the sneezing and allergens. Sinus pressure relief Los Angeles patients find can be more effectively relieved through the application of ice packs on the face and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications to reduce post-op swelling.