When Would You Need Turbinate Reduction Surgery

When Would You Need Turbinate Reduction Surgery

When Would You Need Turbinate Reduction Surgery

When Would You Need Turbinate Reduction Surgery

Turbinate reduction surgery is increasing in popularity and becoming more common due to its high success rate. The procedure effectively improves the ability to breathe and clear the airway without affecting how the turbinates function. There are a few indicators that you may be a candidate for turbinate reduction surgery while working with a medical professional.

The Turbinates are Enlarged

For those who have enlarged turbinates, it can be challenging to breathe through the nose due to the obstructions that are present. This can cause many people to suffer from sleep apnea, postnatal drip, and congestion and make them a candidate for the surgery when the turbinates continue to remain enlarged. If you have blocked airways, your doctor may want to evaluate you and perform a CT scan to determine if you can benefit from the treatment option.

Swelling of the Turbinates

One of the most common reasons that the turbinates start to swell is due to allergies, chronic sinusitis, and chronic inflammation. Anyone who is suffering from enlarged turbinates is considered to be a candidate if other treatment methods have failed. Your doctor may also recommend this surgery if you suffer from persistent headaches due to a lack of airflow through your nose, forcing you to breathe through your mouth consistently.

Nasal Drainage

Enlarged turbinates can cause many people to suffer from post-nasal drip on a daily basis. This can make it feel like you’re always sick and can make it challenging to feel confident or comfortable.

The Benefits of Turbinate Reduction Surgery

One of the main benefits of undergoing turbinate reduction surgery is to obtain sinus relief. This can make it easier to breathe easily in certain seasons and spend more time outdoors. The surgery is considered to be a single component of the medical management program that many healthcare professionals use to address sinus issues that are present.

Understanding who can benefit from turbinate reduction surgery can give you a better idea if your health can benefit from it. The sinus surgery turbinate reduction can offer you long-term relief and make it easier to return to participating in different types of activities.